Monday, March 29, 2010

Dining In Luray: German Cuisine at A Moment to Remember

Here's another great Luray restaurant we hope you will seek out and enjoy when visiting beautiful down-town Luray, VA.  Remember we are only 90 miles from the DC metro area, but a whole world away from the stress and demands of Beltway living!

There was a time not too long ago...when the wall was up...and our guards were up...and when Check Point Charlie was recognizable round the world...a time when rounding just about any corner in West Berlin meant encountering a wurst vendor's cart where the offering included, among other things, curry wurst:  a done-just-right sausage steeped in a curry sauce and then slathered with the sauce and add- your-own mustard to make a memorable sausage sandwich right there on the sidewalk.

Well, the wall is gone, our guards eye a different horizon and Charlie is hardly more memorable than the faint perfume of bygone years and us youngsters shagging into the wee hours to Beach and Motown music.  But for those who long for a-moment-in-time-rememberance of that strange concoction, melded together in an isolated-multicultural-city-caldron, there is curry wurst...and a lot more German fare to enjoy...only 90 minutes from the Beltway and one mile from world famous Luray Caverns...right here at A Moment to Remember, 55 Mains Street, Luray, VA.  22835.!!!

How strange as I sit down to write today that I feel the urge to stream my thoughts and talk about food through a looking glass of nostalgia, sensing the slow infusion of memories of Germany and the plates loaded with home-fries, with tight-bound  pork shoulder and hot, steaming wursts weeping hints of the taste delights to come.  Perhaps it is the thought of the connection between the buildings that are now home to A Moment to Remember and South Court Inn:  both built by the same man, both now re-purposed to other lives and views of different horizons.  Whatever it be, do plan on enjoying the years' ago decoration of this old building...the the pressed tin ceilings, the dark, oak, service counter of the 1880s, a counter which saw many a bag of nails and screws cross on their way to other habitats in Town...the large bank of drawers and cubbies that were the transient homes where nails and screws and hinges and clips and hardware rested until called to duty, waiting to be wrapped in newspaper or placed in bags to ease the transition.  Do plan a visit because you'll enjoy John and Elka Thomas' third-career adventure and good German fare to boot.  Do plan on having dinner at A Moment to Remember because the food is good!  Do plan on having dinner at A Moment to Remember because we need to reward folks who will come to Luray and offer good ethnic food to a meat and potatoes palate.  Do plan on dinner at A Moment to Remember! 

As usual, Anita and I have to head it two different directions.  She seems to always take the road opposite mine and enjoys one of the schnitzels...smokey mushrooms, tender pork, browned here and there...a slice of ham, perhaps...or a fried egg...all topped with brown gravy...and sidled up to by just cooked, blond spatzle and sweet-tart red cabbage.  I, on the other hand, have to ride hard on the right and chase memories of those bygone wursts from grill to platter to table.  Hard by I want strong mustard, dill-infused potato salad, red cabbage and reisling or Spaten, or Haker Pschoor or Grolsch even.  On other evenings, Elke makes it harder to choose our favorite, whether the schnitzel or wursts, by offerings of sauerbraten or rouladen.  Both are good; do plan on having dinner at A Moment to Remember.

And, then too, do plan on stopping with us here in Luray, VA, at South Court Inn.  We'll offer a quiet location for the two of you to burrow and enjoy memories of things past, of the sights and sounds that tip your automatic response recall into overdrive and release the mental flow of ease and joy.  Do plan to stay at South Court Inn and when you do and when you ask, we'll tell you that you do need to plan on having dinner at A Moment to Remember.

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