Friday, April 16, 2010

Free Wine Tasting on South Court Inn's Wine Trail

Free Wine Tasting! Our wine trail offers free tasting cards that can save you up to $100 in tasting fees, depending on which wineries you visit! Book a stay at South Court Inn and we'll provide you with maps and free tasting cards for wineries you will pass on your way here, might want to visit while here or will pass on your way home. Book with enough time for us to mail the coupons to you and we'll get it out to you so you can do tastings on you why here. This offer available only to those who have reservations to stay at South Court Inn. Call us  today...toll free 888-748-8055!!!.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Wedding Photos

Bright sunshine and warm days have the garden popping with color here at South Court Inn.  The azalea buds are beginning to swell and the peonies up almost a foot tall.  It won't be long before we are in full bloom.  Get a look at out elopement packages to see the great values we offer to everyone.  Call now to make reservations for your private outdoor wedding or elopement ceremony during the peak garden season.  We look forward to hearing from'll be glad you did!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Dining In Luray: The Artisans Grill

When last I spoke with you, it was about enjoying a picnic at one of the tables set up in the Luray Greenway Park, which borders the banks of the Hawksbill Creek here in Luray, VA. Remember??? Downtown Luray, VA, is only a mile from the world famous Luray Caverns. You see the Caverns on TV, hear about them on the radio and visit the area to enjoy nature all year long. Well, it is now time for you to plan a getaway to Luray so you can de-stress from all pressure at work, the white-knuckle commute on the Beltway and the planned-down-to the-minute schedule that so often takes over our lives.

Of course, the first thing we want you to do is to pick up the phone and make a reservation for your favorite room or the Susie Hodges Cottage at South Court Inn. We'll be happy to schedule a masseuse to come in and massage all those knots in your calf or across your shoulders. Or, we'll steam up a pot of tea for you to enjoy on the front porch or a wing-back in the living room. Or, we'll leave you to your own devices to retreat, relax and enjoy doing absolutely nothing. No matter what you do, you will, sooner or later, want to know about dining in Luray, VA. So, this first of many blog posts will talk about the varied landscape of dining available to you here in Luray.

So this time I want you to know about the Artisans Grill, 2 East Main Street, Luray, VA, 22835. Artisans Grill is not just a good place to eat, but a great re-purposing of an old Art Deco building. Enjoy a sandwich for lunch or later and dinner from 5PM Wednesday through Monday. Note that comment about them being open on Mondays and look forward to a hearty welcome and service on what can sometimes be a hard day to find dinner in Town. They pride themselves on using local produce as much as possible and the natural, grass-fed beef that stars in their burgers and steaks. Artisans Grill offers a great selection of sandwiches and sides, any of which they will happily pack as a picnic meal you can enjoy at one of the tables in the Hawkbill Greenway Park, only about 50 yards from the Grill. The dinner menu features a good selection of American fare...crab cakes, grilled salmon, grilled steaks, even game every once in a while...all with something to match from the wine or beer list...or, OK...OK...iced tea, water and soft drinks.

Whether for lunch or dinner, here is a vegan alert! If you like grilled portobello mushrooms, then you will love the grilled protobello sandwich served from lunch 'til closing. It is one of my favorites and I have a hard time getting past ordering it whenever I stop there. Come dinner time, however, the grilled protobello is also offered as a dinner entree. If you'll allow me to stretch you imagination just a bit, I'll say that it is a large portobello Napoleon centered on a base of salad. The portobello is grilled to perfection, then filled with layer upon layer of grilled onions, soft, fresh mozzarella and roasted sweet red pepper. The dressing adds the touch of tartness so important to obtaining good depth and complexity of flavors. Anyway, whether you are a vegetarian or steak lover, you'll love the deep flavors and hunger-quenching texture this plate offers at the end of the day...and it is right here in Downtown Luray, only 90 minutes from the Beltway and a mile from world famous Luray Caverns!